Wilderness Survival Tips

The need to survive is an innate behavior. The skill to survive is based on the necessities of human life. The need of shelter, food, and water must be met to survive. Learning skills are essential to thrive in nature and to endure natural disasters. Whether it’s camping, being in a remote location, or in a storm there are methods of survival to meet these situations.

Learning survival skills isn’t just for surviving a dangerous situation. These skills allow nature enthusiast to appreciate nature. Children in scouts take pride in gaining knowledge that can protect themselves and the one’s they love. Survival skills also allow for enjoyment of recreation. The feeling of strength through planning, learning, adapting for any situation is enough reason to develop survival skills.

Wilderness survival is another reason to develop skills. It is essential for outdoor enthusiasts. No matter how prepared you are, circumstances can arise that can cause havoc or injury. Understanding your surroundings can help meet urgent needs in any situation. The following resources will help build your survival skills from the basic to advance skills.

Food and Water

Fire Making


First Aid



Additional Survival Skills