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Jeannine Sellers is a twenty-something woman who loves everything travel! While she is interested in global travel, her heart is with the U.S. She believes that there's so much to be seen just outside our front door. It's no secret that Jeannine loves all of the seasons, but her favorite is by far the winter. She has a passion for winter sports (especially snowboarding), but would still rate herself as a beginner.

Jeannine loves going to resorts and hotels when traveling, but she also enjoys camping. She's interested in simple camping travel tips or tricks that make the travel life easier.

Jeannine is as friendly as people come and she's always up for talking about travel. She loves helping others and thinks that humor is the best trait in a travel companion. There is one way to get on Jeannine's bad side, and that's by pestering her about her beloved Pittsburgh Steelers.

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